Rolayne Martin Volpe

Definite Designs Owner/Designer

"I love to enter a new space and see the potential of it!  I know that after conversing with my client, I can work alongside with them and help them achieve their dreams and wishes for that space.  That's when the magic happens!"

I am certified through Home Staging Resources.  I also hold certifications in color consulting and E-design.

I've been rearranging rooms all of my life...

home stager

Definite Designs services the Denver Metro areas in Colorado and also covers the northern part of Denver -- Hudson, Brighton, Broomfield, Watkins -- and its surrounding areas.  I have completed one of the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification courses in North America provided by the Home Staging Resource.  I have also completed certifications in Color Consulting and E-Design.

The HSR Certification Program was the first and is one of the only accredited staging trainings acknowledged by the Real Estate Staging Assocation (RESA), who is the governing body for the home staging industry.

Service Area

Denver Metro, Colorado

and surrounding northern areas such as:

Hudson, Broomfield, Brighton, Thornton, Aurora, Watkins




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