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Have you ever thought of placing your logo on your office wall?

I recently had this idea for my own office, and I was able to incorporate it recently into a client’s design for her new office.  We used a vinyl plot machine to produce hers, but you could easily paint your logo (or hire someone to paint it if you’re not a DIYer!) Depending on how big […]

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National Cheese Lover’s Day!

They really DO have a day for everything – Happy #CheeseLoversDay! In celebration, I’m likely to smother my omelet with feta for breakfast and indulge in some cheese with my wine later.  Who doesn’t love a tasty charcuterie board?! #nationalday #cheeseloversday #saycheese #pairingcheese #edesigntribe #edesign #redesign # staging #definitedesigns

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National Spaghetti Day!

Who doesn’t love Italian food?!? Such a comforting homey hug! My husband’s ancestors are from Bari, Italy, and it is on our travel list to visit and walk the same streets his family did long ago and maybe even find some kinship. White Spaghetti Recipe from my sister, Laurayne: 2 lbs 97% to 3% ground […]

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