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I work with homeowners, interior designersproperty investors, and real estate agents to plan a variety of projects with confidence -- before construction even begins!

Using professional virtual design and visualization tools, I can help you plan a room design from scratch, or assist in a room refresh using items that you already own.

If you're a busy interior designer, I also offer to-the-trade 3D rendering services. I can help you bring your design plans to life!

e-DESIGN Services

This is my favorite thing to do! I have many tools to help you finish a complete room from scratch or redesign a room using items you already own.

Sometimes just a new placement of your furniture makes everything feel fresh again. If you are looking to just freshen up your style, a new statement piece or a few pops of color will also work. 

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, I am here to help and to guide you. I can help with visuals for furniture placement. I can do a complete 3D render of your room WITH shoppable links for you to purchase directly.  We can work together to develop concept boards for your eDesign project.

Concept boards, picture boards, and collages can assist you in visualizing your new space and my high-resolution, 360° and 720° 3D Renders are the best for visualization.  

Work With Me From Anywhere

Our world is changing, and we have to change with it. Thanks to the Internet and eDesign, I am able to work with clients from all over the world.

My home-base is the northern area of Denver -- Hudson, Brighton, Broomfield, Fort Lupton, Watkins and surrounding areas.

I work with local clients as well as clients across the United States and around the globe. I use Zoom, email and phone calls to facilitate communication with my clients.

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I can invoice you or you can purchase a package directly through my website.

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Are you redesigning a space for your family? Selling a home that needs a little updating? 
Do you need help to pick out a color palette for your new home?

Definite Designs is here to help you develop a plan BEFORE you start your project.
Best part? You can SEE your design in a 360-degree rendering!

I create my clients shoppable boards for their conveniece!

See sample below!

Material  Flatlay Boards

are a great visualization tool for my clients!